Shanghai Offshore Oil Bureau strengthens national security and confidentiality


Sinopec News Network News Since April, Shanghai Offshore Oil Bureau has taken the opportunity of "National National Security Education Day", focusing on the work deployment of the group company, and earnestly carried out "National Security and Confidentiality Publicity and Education Month" activities to further enhance the national security of cadres and employees. Awareness and confidentiality awareness, build a strong national security and confidentiality defense line, create a safe atmosphere for the promotion of the theme action, and take practical actions to welcome the victory of the party's 20th National Congress.

During the activity, the Party Committee of Shanghai Bureau formulated activity plans based on the work of the center and carried out various activities. Organize all staff to study and watch Sinopec's confidential promotional videos, and publicize the cases of social media and office software leakage. Organize all staff to participate in the group company's national security and confidentiality knowledge online answering questions, and participate in the "Confidential Story Everyone Tells" theme telling activity. Multi-level, all-round and three-dimensional publicity and education have created a good atmosphere for all staff to "know secrets and keep secrets".

In the next step, the Shanghai Bureau will continue to practice the overall national security concept, carry out in-depth security and confidentiality publicity and education with higher standards and stricter requirements, continuously enhance the national security awareness and confidentiality awareness of all employees, improve work skills, and do a solid job in safeguarding national security. And confidentiality work, to escort the high-quality development of Shanghai Bureau. (Shao Long, Zhang Rui, Song Jingyue, Meng Bo)