PetroChina Xinjiang Sales Helps Spring Farming and Guarantee the Supply of "Oil" Me


"Does our expressway gas station have oil? The Corps oil gas station in Toto Township is short of oil, and the high-horsepower tractor in the field is out of oil immediately." PetroChina Xinjiang Sales Co., Ltd. Bozhou Branch Refueling North of Toto Service Area ( Gas) station received a call from a customer for help.

It is understood that the 91st Regiment gas station was affected by the recent epidemic, and external distribution vehicles for oil products were restricted from entering the fifth division gas station, resulting in a temporary shortage of oil products.

Solving customer difficulties is our responsibility of PetroChina. The North Gas (Gas) Station in the Toto Service Area is located on the G30 Expressway. From the 91st Regiment to the station, it is a cross-region. Can personnel travel? Is there any risk of infection when employees come into contact with them? Which departments should I find for coordination? A series of questions In front of the station manager Wang Jinlong.

Wang Jinlong immediately explained the situation with the local government, the person in charge of the expressway service area, the 91st Regiment Epidemic Prevention and Control Center and other management units, communicated one by one, and informed customers that they could stop to refuel after obtaining the government's permission.

An hour later, the farmer who called came to the gas station, gave a thumbs up and said, "Thanks to your help, otherwise our spring ploughing will be delayed again. Thank you very much for the help of the PetroChina gas station."

Facing the current critical period of spring ploughing and preparation and the situation of epidemic prevention and control, PetroChina Xinjiang Sales Co., Ltd. always regards spring ploughing and supply guarantee as the top priority, conducts online visits to farmers, actively understands farmers' oil demand, timely coordinates all units, and tailor-made Customized supply guarantee plans, actively promoted marketing policies, coordinated epidemic prevention work, arranged "green channels" and other tasks, and opened up the "last mile" of spring ploughing oil supply. (Su Hui Su Jing)